Lowcountry artist presents ‘Birds and Other Stuff’

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Birds and other stuff Stephen Moscowitz SoBA GalleryPublished by Bluffton Today

Stephen Moscowitz is exhibiting “Birds and Other Stuff” through Aug. 5 at the Society of Bluffton Artists gallery.

An opening reception is scheduled for 5 p.m. Friday at the gallery, located at 6 Church Street. The exhibit features acrylic paintings of wild life, real life and still life.

Moscowitz is a lifelong artist who studied at the Rochester Institute of Technology School of Art and Design. He earned wide recognition as an illustrator for several years until he moved on to creating fine art with wildlife. He derives inspiration from birds of the Lowcountry, as well as still life and landscape painting.

“When I moved to the Lowcountry, I discovered the world of birds. Herons and egrets of all sizes and colors,” Moscowitz said.

“In the Lowcountry, these birds are everywhere, even in my backyard. So I have taken and borrowed photos of birds eating, swimming, wading and flying. Using photos as reference gives my birds proper stature and realistic features.”